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Once you and your spouse decide that your marriage should be dissolved, you probably do not want to spend too much time together, understandably so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a fast path to a finalized divorce that did not waste your time, cost a stack of court fees, and made the whole thing relatively painless? If you are willing to use mediation, this situation might be less idealism and more realism.

Mediation is the process of sitting down together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and discussing, back and forth, what needs to accomplished by your divorce. This will be easier the smaller your shared marital estate may be but do not think it is out of the question if you both share a considerable sum of property or have several children together. Without total cooperation and a willingness to be flexible, mediation falls apart. But when these concepts are embraced and kept in focus, almost anything is possible, and you might be able to achieve it without a lawyer.

A Word to the Wise

While mediation is technically possible without a family law attorney’s guidance, it is not recommended. Unless you have a complete comprehension of the divorce laws of your state, you could overlook something critical that the court will catch and, before you know it, your fast uncontested divorce just got snagged up in legalese. Allowing yourself to access the experience and professionalism of an accomplished divorce lawyer eliminates the uncertainties and also ensures that your own best interests are ignored, intentionally or inadvertently.

You may want to talk to your spouse about how you would like a lawyer to handle your uncontested divorce as well. If you think the two of you can get along quite well and see eye-to-eye on important issues, you may want one neutral party lawyer in between you to supervise the divorce and stop any mistakes from occurring. If you think it is best to get in-depth help for your mediation, you both can hire a divorce lawyer who will work closely with one another, each acting on your behalf.

No matter the solution you select, you should let Killeen Family Law Attorney Barbara A. Weaver be your choice of legal advocacy. Request your own FREE initial consultation with our law firm today to discuss your options.


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