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Steps to Take After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

A collision with an intoxicated driver can be a shocking experience. If you or a loved one should ever be involved in a drunk driving accident, there are several things that you can do to control the situation and strengthen your chances of filing a successful personal injury claim.

1. Seek Medical Help

The first thing that you should do immediately following a collision is tend to the injuries of everyone involved in the crash. Check yourself, your passengers, and the occupants of the other car. If anyone appears to be hurt, call an ambulance as soon as possible. Even if you are unsure, it is best to let medical professionals evaluate a person’s injuries. During this time, do not attempt to move anyone who appears to be seriously hurt, as this can possibly cause additional damage. Stay with them until help arrives.

2. Call the Police

Once medical help has been summoned, call the police. Responding officers can help control the situation and administer sobriety tests to the other driver. If the intoxicated driver attempts to flee before police arrive, let them go. Intoxicated individuals are unpredictable, so it is urgent that you leave the duty of restraining a drunk driver to law enforcement.

Instead, make a mental note or get photographs of the following:

  • Their vehicle’s license plate number
  • The driver’s physical description
  • Make a note of their vehicle’s make and model

Providing this information to police can help them with their investigation and help them track down the other driver. The police will create a report of the incident, containing the details of the collision, the records of any arrests that are made, and implications of fault. Obtaining a copy of this police report, as well as all names and badge numbers of responding officers can be crucial in your pursuit of compensation later on.

3. Contact Barbara A. Weaver Attorney at Law

Retaining powerful legal representation is imperative to maximizing your chances of securing a fair settlement for your injuries. With more than 20 years of successful personal injury experience, our firm’s Killeen car accident lawyers can file a civil suit against the inebriated driver and fight to defend your rights in a court of law. Our attorneys understand the seriousness of your situation, and we are committed to doing everything we can in the pursuit of securing a desirable outcome for your situation.


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